I hate using spreadsheets. I’m not on team Excel.

I don’t like that I have to write countless emails to keep my sales team, marketing team members, and our distributors in the loop when we make product changes. I’m talking about new product manuals, new product photos, new marketing language, etc etc.

It’s heavy business.

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Product updates are happening so often these days because we are trying to keep up with everyone else in the space so I have to spend special time notifying the right people — with the correct information. Imagine those Kickstarter campaign update emails but only more often and with different information for each team.

This can drag out our product launches and it’s not so fun.

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I want to be able to keep sales teams, distributors, and partners up to date on the latest product information, promotions, specs, and training BUT without having to use 17 different methods to do so.

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Thank goodness for technology. Technology gave us dog filters, the dancing hot dog, and wifi smart cameras but it also gave us product information management (PIM) software that alleviates all these above-mentioned problems.

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Thanks to PIM software I can ditch the spreadsheets and longwinded email chains. Now I can push product updates, pieces of training, and whatever else to the right teams with just a point and a few clicks.

I don’t have to dig around for information and copy/paste what I think is the most recent version. I am able to keep the information consistent and accurate across all our channels and everyone is notified in what feels like a 1/3 of the time with the correct information.


I call that a win for the whole company 👏

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Seriously, if you’re in the same boat then consider using PIM software and experience the joy with me.