While some people aren’t fans of Fall, I personally love it. All of it — the leaves falling on the ground, the brisk air, football on TV, and pumpkin scented candles.

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With the season of Fall nearly here, that means back to school is officially upon us. There are a lot of things to do to prepare for the return to school. But when it comes to product information management, we want to make them as quick and easy as possible to check and/or implement.

While the kiddos are hitting the books, you might find yourself getting ready for a new product launch, iterating on a previous version, organizing assets, costing and probably a whole lot more. Now is the time to get back to the basics and make sure everything is squared away.

Let’s review some product information management basics and make sure you’re ready to tackle this quarter’s initiatives.

Check Product Data Accuracy

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Disorganized catalogs with outdated product data can lead to duplicated content, incorrect imagery, and potentially a loss in sales. Product data errors can create headaches and add costs to your organization.

Get a product information management solution that allows you to ignore similar and duplicate fields and validate data before it hits your distributors, channels or eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Find a PIM solution that lets you collaborate on updates with various team members and intelligently manage changes to product attributes, pricing data, marketing specs and any other information you choose to share.

Ensure Product Data Assets Are Where They’re Supposed to Be

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Stop hunting down assets, CAD files, marketing materials and more. End the cycle of product data existing across multiple spreadsheets and systems. This can lead to errors and the wrong information getting in your distributor’s systems or your customer’s hands. Fix it now before it’s late.

SKUs and Pricing Are Up To Date

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Did you make changes in costing? Is the new product version going to cost $.50 less than the previous one or $0.70 more? Whichever the case make sure your pricing reflects the latest costing numbers and your distributors and channels have the most recent pricing information. If you are updating SKUs for version 2.3 make sure your system reflects that change and customers aren’t purchasing last year’s model for this year’s price.

Custom Portals Are Updated and Accurate

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Did you push the most recent product data to your distributor’s portals? That includes pricing, assets, manuals, size charts and more. Make sure your channels have the most accurate dataavailable to make sales.

Remove Asset Clutter

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Are you housing your product photos, packaging, and manuals in folders across multiple devices or in various cloud folders?

Consolidate all your product assets into a cohesive searchable product library. Upload any screenshots, product manuals, product shots, packaging and marketing materials into one platform and search for what you need when you need it. Propel’s PIM platform is perfect for that.

Fix Disorganized Product Catalogs

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Vendors and suppliers tend to speak their own language when it comes to product information and imagery, leaving the company with a complex catalog that needs to be properly organized.

Automate the process of retrieving certain data from each supplier. Consolidate product data for each product into one centralized location and push that data across each channel allowing you to deliver the right product information to drive sales. Try doing this with Propel.

Before you get ready for your next product meeting run through the checklist or share it with your team members to ensure everyone is on the page.

Here’s a recap of the checklist:

  • Check Product Data Accuracy
  • Ensure Product Data Assets Are Where They’re Supposed to Be
  • SKUs and Pricing Are Up To Date
  • Custom Portals Are Updated and Accurate
  • Remove Asset Clutter
  • Fix Disorganized Product Catalogs

After you run through the checklist and get everything cleaned up you can rest assured that your next product’s development is more organized, accurate and has a higher chance of driving revenue. Set forth!