Acts of Gratitude in the Form of the Taco Emoji

Kimmy approves

In the day and age where you have articles claiming millennials crave attention and recognition and you need to keep them engaged before they jump ship, there is solace in knowing there is a less obtrusive way to reward and engage your employees. That way is the HeyTaco! app.

Just ask your psychology friends or browse through some Instagram quotes to verify that people like feeling appreciated and enjoy being rewarded for their work. Many studies show that people perform better when incentives are present. Look at most major NFL contracts — they have their base salary plus bonuses for sacks on the quarterback, 1,000+ yards receiving, making the Pro Bowl and so forth.

While the typical office gig doesn’t work in the same way the NFL does. The concept of a bonus still rings true, but on a smaller scale. When employees are incentivized they usually stay at those companies and continue to work hard and perform well.

Crafting a Culture with a Slack App

Yes, it’s true. You can build a company culture with a Slack app. Thanks to the invention of Slack we are able to communicate with any of our team members, anywhere in the world, at any time — thank goodness for Do Not Disturb mode, amiright?

Slack is a great way to stay engaged with remote employees and a way to eliminate long email chains. And since the creation of HeyTaco! it’s also a great way to show your appreciation to your fellow team members.

Kimmy approves

HeyTaco! is a tool that boosts engagement with recognition, appreciation, and rewards. But before you think HeyTaco! is the digital version of a participation trophy, it’s not. HeyTaco! lets you send the taco emoji to any employee (or employees) that have done something worthwhile, helpful and/or amazing.

Kimmy approves

It can be anything from sending a “taco” to Dave in accounting for helping you clean up the coffeemaker or sending a “taco” to Cheryl in Engineering for helping fix the latest bugs in the recent 3.0 software release. The act deserving of a taco is up to the taco giver and that’s what makes it unique.

Accolades For Everyday Gestures

For some people, they only hear “good job” when they turn in a report or after a big presentation. So rarely do you hear “thank you” or “stellar job” when someone brings in bagels for the office or helps take the trash out — sometimes this is a start-up rite of passage.

Kimmy approves

The addition of HeyTaco! can spark conversations and build stronger relationships among team members. The currency of the “taco” shows the app isn’t taking itself too seriously and people can be playful in their acts of gratitude.

No longer do just the normal showrunners get the spotlight, HeyTaco! lets a simple act of kindness live on the same level as closing a big account or delivering on a big deadline. That helps breed a stronger company culture and in some special nuanced way, itmakes the office culture a bit more human and less like a grudge match.

Kimmy approves

What are you waiting for? Add the HeyTaco! app to your company’s Slack right now and start crafting a culture that fosters a healthy work environment through gratitude and appreciation — in the form of a taco of course.

Other Things Worth Giving Tacos For:

Whoever refilled the water in the Keurig. 
The person who let me borrow their iPhone charger
Helping onboard new employees
Taking remote employees to lunch when they come into town
Landing a new customer 
Booking a meeting with a new company
Helping me get my chair to stop squeaking
Designing a new slide deck for our afternoon meeting in record time!
Picking up our brochures from the local print shop
Ordering new shirts for our tradeshow next week
A ride to the train station
Splitting a Lyft
Bringing in coffee on early morning launch days
Helping debug the website