Twitter threads and lists are fun (and keep doing them!) but I thought it’d be cool to centralize all the awesome stuff we all do. Think of this as a repository for all things us.

Introducing The People Index.

What is it?
Think of The People Index as a Twitter thread or Twitter list in database form. An evolving list where people can submit their info to be added. An easy to remember domain name for anyone looking for work or those looking to add some awesome people to their team or anyone looking to partner with talented freelancers.

Why the name?
We aren’t all just one thing. We’re people who do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We’re people. I know super clever, right.

Who is it for?
The individual: Add yourself and share your story and areas of focus. Whether you’re open to a new gig, freelancing, here so you don’t get fined or happy in your current role – all are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Companies: Find your next great hire right here. Looking for a specialized player? Look no further. We’ve all gotten introduced to some super talented folks through Twitter threads and lists and here’s the place to find them in one spot. Bob Barker voice: Come on down and find your next teammate.

How do I get added?
Fill out this form and you’ll be added. Include as little or as much as you’d like. Don’t feel obligated to share anything you don’t want to. Prefer to not share your actual location or real name? Totally fine. Rather go by your Twitter handle? That works too. Do what feels right and comfortable for you.

The big-ticket items are:
1) How we can get in contact with you (Twitter, contact form, email, etc)
2) Area(s) of Focus (ex: marketing, sales, social, support, product, etc.
3) Promote your side project, business, or podcast and be sure to include links to all the places we can find you.

What is it built on?
As of right now is built on Notion. By the way if Notion wants any help with documentation or technical articles they should hire Mari Pullen, because her along with some other beta testers realized a whole mess of user bugs during the building of this. But that’s another blog post for another time…

How do I link to it?
The url is 🙂

What do I do if I have questions?
Twitter is your friend here or hit the contact button on this blog.

Can I buy a list of this people?
Nope, sorry. The data is not for sale. The purpose of The People Index is community, hyping each other up and getting one another connected for awesome work opportunities. Hire someone off The People Index or go invest in $GME if you feel like buying stuff.

Lastly, this whole thing couldn’t have happened without the following amazingly wonderful folks who added their information before launch. You can find links to all of them on The People Index. You should hire all of them!

Adrienne Barnes
Adrienne Sheares
Alexis Rogers
Alyssa Powell
Amrapali Gokani
Anna Laura McGranahan
Bailey Cargill (Fontes)
Chantelle Marcelle
Chary Sathea-Hudson
Chelsea Bradley
Chi Thukral
Christina Garnett
Jackson Dame
Kristan Caballero
Kristine Gonzalez
Kushaan Shah
Liz Beechinor
Liz Pittman
Manav P Thaker
Mari Pullen
Maria West
Meg Murphy
Patton Pray
Roni Nguyen
Sam Bedford
Sara Ott
Sara The Mentor
Sasha Shilko
Sonia Baschez
Syed Ali
Tim Allen Rodman
Vicky Flores
Leah Schoolcraft

Thank you all, I appreciate you more than you know!

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