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Pretty sure a pandemic wasn’t on your marketing bingo card when you set out on your journey to strategize and plan your 2021 content.  So what is a company like yourself supposed to do in a time...

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Introducing the People Index

Introducing the People Index

Twitter threads and lists are fun (and keep doing them!) but I thought it'd be cool to centralize all the awesome stuff we all do. Think of this as a repository for all things us. Introducing The People Index. What is it?Think of The People Index as a Twitter thread...

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The Story of Drop The Disco Ball

The Story of Drop The Disco Ball

Once upon a time, there was a company called Drop The Disco Ball Clothing & Design, and yes I know what you’re thinking…the ampersand was part of the company name. Drop The Disco Ball, or DTDB for short was the first company I ever built. It started as an idea...

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Lookback: My First Storyboard

Lookback: My First Storyboard

The first video storyboard I ever made 🎉 We didn’t have the budget to hire anyone because all the money was being spent on animation. This was my big chance because I knew the product, loved writing, and I could art direct and storyboard it for the animators. I needed...

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